Friday, April 24, 2009


So I made it to Friday and had such good intentions of studying for an online exam I need to take this weekend (plus I have a paper due Tuesday) but the call of the wild (cycling) was too strong. Jen, Reggie and I mounted up and headed out for a quick 10 mile ride down 101st airborne Parkway. Man I missed riding the bike so much this week. It felt so good to be back on and heading down the road. We finished our ride and headed to Ruby Tuesdays for some ribs and are going to finish the night of watching "The Spirit".
Stats for the ride are:
  • Distance : 10.45 Miles
  • Ave Speed : 13.64 mph
  • Ave Cadence : 69
  • Top Speed : 26.94 mph
  • Time Taken : 45mins 58 secs

Note the following route is off by 1 mile as gmaps will not cross over the median, it has to use road *LOL*

Linky to route information


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