Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ok I am either committed or need committed *grin*. I finish a hard days work..well I finish work (leave home at approx 6am get home at 6pm) and instead of going home and relaxing I met up with Reg and Jen for some Cycling (they started earlier). My bike, padded & unpadded shorts, and a tshirt were to be waiting for me at the fairground. Unfortunately only the bike made it.

Did I decide not to bother on account of no padding, or on account of wearing heavy khakis? Hell no got 2 laps in before it was time to go. Not as much as I would like but damn are my legs tired today, think the weekend and Monday has hit me. Glad I will safely be at personal training tonight....WTH did I just say that *LOL*? Actually it sucks that today will be last decent day for a week or two at least.. I hate cold!

Mileage for Monday was
  • Me :- 3 miles
  • Jen :- approx 11-12 miles
  • Reggie :- approx 8-9 miles

We finished the evening off by going to Casablanca for some yummy low carb foodstuffs (which has resulted in the same yummy foodstuffs for lunch today *LOL*).


  1. Don't think of it as commitment, that leads one to think of "obligation" and who wants obligations. Think of it as passion for an activity you enjoy and passion to get a healthy you. That makes it seem less like work-time and more like playtime.

  2. ...and I'm going back tonight! Last good weather evening of the week and I'm taking every opportunity to satisfice my passions!

    Got a new seat from Cumberland Transit and it's spongy-rific!

  3. *grin* I only used commitment as my title casue I had thought of that first line and thought it was kewl *LOL*. Its not a commitment, its fun and something I seem to be jonesing to do. Stupid weather wish it would stay good *LOL*