Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update from ride

Sorry I forgot to mention 2 things. As commented on the last post Jen did indeed get chased by biiiiig dogs.... I don't know why they didn't go for me, maybe I was just too darned slow *LOL* The three times I encountered dogs it was first when stopped and they got patted and went on their merry way. 2nd a dog came out to look and was bored and went back. Last time they barked and ran with me *LOL*

I also forgot to mention I was surprised I made the 20 miles. Not cause I thought I couldn't make it but because at mile 5 when I got back on the bike after a break my shorts caught, I tried to right them on the bike and next thing I know my bike is swaying every where and going left and right like a pendulum. I knew I was heading for the ground and a very nasty fall with possible broken bones. It didn't happen somehow I righted myself and was able to stop and reset my shorts and my nerves.

Ok that's it I'm done *LOL*

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  1. Yeah, between the 20 degrees right, 20 degrees left and back again, I think you fell 90 degrees cumulative!