Thursday, March 19, 2009

cycle of life

So we finally got out and did our 101st run, from just about Ft. Campbell Blvd down to Dover Road and back. I have noticed that I am going to have to raise my seat about every 20-25 miles as it is slowly slipping down (causing the upper leg muscle to cramp). Not a fault in the bike, more a fault of my excess weight, so I will deal with till the weight is off.

Stats for the ride
  • Distance : 9.89 miles
  • Ave Speed : 10.67 mph
  • Ave Cadence : 65
  • Top Speed : 19,98 mph
  • Time taken : 55min 39secs

Linky to the route (almost added about 0.5 of a mile to turn around by the road, we just crossed the median heh heh).


  1. So are we going to try to do more than 10 miles this weekend? We need to if we plan on doing 30 in early May.