Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Update

Ok so this week has been a figuring week for me. I know I need to eat more carbs when I exercise but I think I have the problem that I don't know when to say ok I have had enough carbs. As you can see from my weekly posts I did 3m, 10m, 5m on the bike Wed, Thur, Fri. On Wed Jen Made Chili and after the ride we made some Frito chili pie. One bowl would have been fine, I had two, 2 portions of chips, 2 portions of chili and 2 portions of cheese n sour cream. Thursday it was O'charleys and if I hadn't ordered the wrong side I woulda been fine, as it was I ended up with 39g of carbs for one meal (15g for the salad and 17 for the broccoli cheese casserole).
Friday It was spaghetti and once again I had two bowls. Add to this mix that we ended up with a couple of people at the house Saturday and did a BBQ (not one of our usual cookouts just an oh people are here so we'll do a cookout type thing), I ended up eating a couple of chips, from a couple of bags, had some potato salad and then had some of the desert that was brought (damned cheesecake type desert its my weakness) I think I had carbs in the hundreds. I woke up Sunday and I just felt fat. This was confirmed with the fact that I was 294 on Sunday morning.
I changed my outlook Sunday I looked at my mistakes and saw what I have to do. Yes I can have a little more carbs on days I exercise to assist in the delivery of the proteins to my muscles (per Jen) but I need to know how many I am having. I also know I can have bad days (to visit the old friends I still like) but they will be when I reach goals. I focused Sunday, had some carbs but I think I kept track on, although I was unable to mark them down. I woke up this morning not feeling so fat. and reweighed myself. This week I will have 2 official weigh ins.
  • Fat Sunday weigh in : 294lbs
  • Not so fat Monday Weigh in : 293lbs

So no weight loss for this week. Depending on which day to look at I even gained *grimmace*

Otherwise This Sunday we went for a mountain bike ride on a rails to trails trail down at Ashland City. It was 8miles in total and was a fun relaxing ride. It took us about an hour to do.

We also visited 2 Cycle shops. Trace Bikes and Halcyon bikes, halcyon being really cool in that it is all used bikes and range to 80's styles. Jen picked up a super cool pair of gloves for the bargain price of 10 dollars.

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