Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Ride

Got home from work and went for a Ride.

Stats for the ride

  • Distance : 5.1 Miles
  • Ave Speed : 10.34 mph
  • Ave Cadence : 57
  • Top Speed : 23mph
  • Time Taken : 29min 37secs

Didn't eat enough calories today, I'm about to head to bed and have only had 1000 calories. Net Carbs are at 51 though due to the spaghetti dinner. I'm not to concerned with that due to the exercise.


  1. You've done well, but it's time to rachet up the difficulty. Mentally prepare yourself for the more hilly Sango route, perhaps Dover road to the construction and back and then the dreaded Lock B.

  2. im ready for it, It will be done but will just be at slower speeds probably.

  3. And that's the real accomplishment. When you are at the end of the route, looking back at what you just accomplished. When your mind has been cleared of all the issues of the world and the only thing that matters is the last mile.