Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is this a Monday

No Personal Training. Day seems to have went to pot. Personal Trainer was a no show and I have now had an 8 hour headache.
  • 5 loops of the Foy indoor circuit walked

Ate left over chicken, cold meats and cheese for dinner, headache didn't make me want to do much else. Finished night with V for Vendetta.

G'night all

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  1. I think you aren't consuming enough carbs. You have to remember that protein is transported through the body by carbohydrates. So, if you have no carbs, then all that protein does you no good, it never makes it to your muscles, your brain, or wherever that sneaky stuff goes.

    You might also want to start taking an aspirin a day. Could be with the increase in meat consumption you have increased your cholesterol, and your arteries could be feeling a little restricted because of it.

    So, more carbs, aspirin-a-day, and make sure you are eating lean, healthy meats like fish/seafood or low-fat turkey/chicken.