Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Ride

Our nephew Adam had been staying with us for spring break (and didn't see daylight thanks to WOW and WII) and was dropped of back home by Jen. This in turn meant an early departure for me from work. In celebration Reggie picked us and our bikes up at 5.30 and we headed over to the Sango area for a ride. This was harder hills than we have been doing but was fun. Due to lack of light we cut it short also.

Link to route on gmap-pedometer

Stats are a bit rough as all 3 of our computers acted up. Reggie's was the worst as the band holding the speed sensor went flying as did his sensor. some work will have to be done on the systems.

  • Distance : 7.33 Miles (from
  • Ave Speed : 12.79 mph (for the 3 miles it registered - really closer to 10)
  • Ave Cadence : 68 (cadence worked)
  • Top Speed : 24.82mph (new P.B.)
  • Time Taken : 40-45 min
The evening was finished off with Reggie making bean burgers and a cucumber sour cream dish with Jens assistance, the burgers were served on lettuce instead of bread and had blue cheese dressing, tomato slice and pickle. Extremely yummy and cant wait till he does them again *LOL*


  1. Too bad it was a short ride. I've been looking forward to you hating-my-stinkin-guts all week!

  2. I also see my mistakes now. We were actually supposed to continue on Sango to Dixie Bee and NOT turn on Durham. And we should have to joe-bobs alleyway instead of getting onto 41A.

  3. hell if you want me to hate your guts let me show you a SCARY route next time we are together and its to and from your house

  4. I didn't think the hills were that bad, honestly. I'm willing to admit that maybe Steve hasn't attacked such a route yet, but honestly, I've seen and conquered far worse. They were actually pretty good. Let's do bigger ones!

  5. I am game for it also, my legs feel like they did something yesterday. Also I really want to get more miles in I need to get up to 15 and 20 miles to make sure I can do it and eventually the 30

  6. Yeah, it's going to be a big jump, and I think a milestone for us all to break that 20 mile barrier. I know that there are guys out there that cycle that like it's nothing. But for three people that just started, it's going to be a tough and hard-fought victory. But we can do it!

  7. Keep in mind that we hadn't reached the 2nd half of the first half when we turned around. That begins at Dixie Bee...