Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Paddys Day

Well tis the day where beer takes a distinctly green tint (well in the US it does) and I hope you are all safe with a piece of green clothing on. Quick update for last night. Cadence Computers installed successfully on both bikes and by the time we were done there was not a lot of time to ride. With the newly installed computer info here is my stats:-
  • Distance : 3.09 miles
  • Average speed : 10.89 mph
  • Top speed : 23 mph (wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
  • Ave Cadence : 56

Unless my PT cancels tonight I have my weekly training tonight so no cycling for me *booooo*


  1. But you should tell Kevin about your cycling adventures, I'm sure he will be impressed with your progress.

  2. I will be. Just hope that the headache that came on suddenly has abated before I go. It has slightly but still there. couple of asprin will hopefully finish the job

  3. Cadence FTW! Now you have quantitative figures to go with qualitative results!

    Whoa, just looked down and where I thought I didn't have green on all day, I must have subconsciously put on my green boxers this morning.

  4. headache still here. Going to bed. PT a no show, finally got text 30 mins after we were supposed to start 45 mins after I texted and called. Another week without PT and a good cycling day wasted. Tomorrow is another day!!!!!