Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Updates

Well it has certainly been a week to remember. Things seem to have been going at break neck pace and up untill today I had not worked out since Monday. Jen and Reggie came down to Nashville and picked me up from work. First we visited Cumberland Transit, what Reggie would call a mom n pop outdoor store (for us a bike store). Our goal for the evening was to look for a bike shirt for Jen and to look at pedal extras and bike computers (with Cadence ) for our bikes. After visiting here we crossed the street and visited The Bike Pedlar. In both locations we could not find acceptable accessories. No Red bike shirts for Jen and the only Cadence computers we could see were the Catseye CC-RD200 which knowing I could buy them for 34 dollars on Amazon were not acceptable to buy at 50 dollars. Before heading to our final destination we stopped off at the Bombay Palace for dinner. Sad to say I did not keep to my low carb diet on Thursday but that the food was amazing, coming a close second to the Tandoor here in Clarksville (NOTHING has beaten the tandoor in the US for a good curry so far). For our final destination we headed to REI armed with 7 dollars in dividends (a lot less than the 70 odd we were expecting but didn't get because Jens bike was on sale at the bargain price of approx 700 dollars WTF - partially softened by a discount coupon for and a 20 percent off 1 item coupon. After a bit of searching I found the toe clips shown below for 5 dollars each (even cheaper than Amazon)
I grabbed two for our bikes. No luck on the Cadence computers the catseye was still 50 and a Sigma wireless I saw for $60 was selling for $90 at REI and damn them if they don't price match. Jen had waaaay better luck though. She hit the Jackpot and found her Jersey. (shown below) and I decided to leave the cadence computers and buy online so we could use the discounts. We saved over 20 dollars on the sale which was excellent.

On this same day as Jen was leaving to go to Reggies we had a visitor. Of the four legged variety. It was a stray puppy and pretty young. We named him charlie while he stayed with us and we proceeded to try first to find an owner then find a home. None of the people we know wanted a dog but we were lucky enough to find Precious Friends Puppy Rescue which is a no kill shelter that will find him a nice home with peeps to love on him (plus I donated 75 bucks to help with his vet and grooming bills). If you want a loving cocker spaniel who is good around dogs and cats get in contact with them cause he is up for adoption people. Who cant love this face

Saturday was a weird day. I forgot to eat till about 4pm... I got up did a few things then studied for a final. Finished studying and took the final (got a 90) by this time it was hitting 2pm and I pottered around and realised and said to Jen I thought I hadnt eaten. Man did she look at me funny. We put the toe clips on the bikes, added the saddle bag to Jens bike, raised my seat and took the bikes out to test the clips. One circuit of the sub division (0.75 miles) later and we were both happy with the result.

Sunday was the big test for the clips though. We met up with Reggie and took the bikes for a 10 mile run. First thing I noticed was that with the seat higher my leg muscles no longer get sore plus it feels more comfortable. Also we were able to do our trip with very few stops. Route taken is shown below.

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Weight for this week :- 293lbs
Total lost since I started keeping track :- 16 lbs

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  1. Yah, happy jersey!

    I really liked our bike route today. Not only was it quiet, with very little road traffic, but we also came across other cyclists, which is always a good thing. :)