Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is my butt supposed to feel this bad?

Ok I am a right royal wimp! I just did 6 miles on the bike and my ass feels like its not happy with me. The reason I am a wimp is that Jen and Reggie are still on their bikes about ohhhh 15-20 miles into a 30 mile trip to Dover. With the wind that is there today I was having difficulty keeping it going for the first 3 miles. it would hit me at full force and I would almost stop. I was not happy and I hope it didn't show cause I really did want to be there.

The best part of the trip... the 3 miles back. Not because I was going back but because the ride was FUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN. I don't know if I had finally got the gears worked out, i dunno if it was cause the wind was at my back or if it was slightly down hill but I was pedaling and pedaling wanting to get faster and faster then letting myself coast for a little bit. If it hadn't been for the 2 major roads I had to stop at and for my seat slipping I wouldn't have came off the bike all the way home. Hell if my butt didn't hurt so much I think I would want to go and do it again *LOL*.

Well Just got the call from the pro bikers I gotta go get them so peace out Y'all.

No weight today. I'm going to get that set to a Sunday or Monday and post it every week.

EDIT: ok Jen and Reggie did 18 miles which is kewl beaners, main reason for stopping is moronic driver and lack of hard shoulder to cycle on, welcome to TN drivers. Edit to my mileage is that including the circuit round my sub division I actually did about 10.5 miles not 6 miles as I was led to believe... its about 4.5 - 4.8 miles one way woo hoo me


  1. Yeah you did good for your first ride in at least 11 years. :) I'm proud of you.