Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Initial Post

I end up being really bad at these types of things. I start them, post for a while and then I start to just ignore them. Perhaps this will be different, perhaps you can follow me as I walk down that trip called life and see if I can stop the damned procrastination and save someones life.... My own. There is nothing medically wrong with me except for having Sleep Apnoea. For those that know about this medical condition it probably tells you what is up with me, I am obesely overweight. I am 5 ft 11in and am about 305 lbs. I don't eat excessively but I don't exercise enough and I have a weakness for eating out.

Welcome to this tourists trip down that road called getting fit and healthy. I made my new years resolution for this year to get health/fit. So far 3 weeks in I have not really worked on it. That has to change. By documenting my trials maybe I can work through the barriers that are keeping me this way and will allow me to follow the same path my Wife did (I'm proud to say that she made the decision to change her life and lost a crap load of weight and is looking sexier than I can remember since meeting her. Its now my turn to get rid of the flab and show her the man she truly married.

Official Weight Sunday 18th at 8am - 308lbs


  1. Congrats Steve! I am soo proud of you! I'll try hard to not suggest eating out as a social activity so much. Keep bottled water in hand and be prepared for headaches and to be cranky. But in a year, it'll all be well worth it. What are your strategies? We need to think of more active social activities. Hiking maybe?

  2. Well...this weekend we went hiking and snowboarding. And last weekend he bought a road bike. I think that's work in the right direction.

  3. I have taken the first few steps but need to keep going. My weigh in this morning has miffed me a bit and I am going to have to make more changes. First change is to get my will power in check. I can keep procrastinating but where will it get me!!!!!

  4. You have to realize it's going to take time also, and you can't allow time to wear you down. You just keep going no matter what, and no matter if you gain one week, or lose, you.just.keep.going.

    Also, you have to do it for yourself, my friend. Not Jen, Not society, No one but yourself. It's the only way to be successful.