Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mount Carmel excursion

Well its another week and another trip on the weekend *grin*. This time we visited Jens cousins in Mt Carmel with the goal of doing some mountain biking. It was planned that we would ride Saturday but the stupid weather had other plans *LOL*. Thankfully the weather cleared up for Sunday and we were able to get a 5-6 mile ride in. It was a little boggy but hey that's what mountain bikes are for *LOL*.

On a side note, for those of you in the know I was testing out my mountain bike after being in at the bicycle center here in Clarksville TN. I have had to take the bike back to them 5 times since I bought it last year and the issues had never been resolved. It took them charging me for a derailleur adjustment for me to get annoyed enough to talk to the right person. The bike was returned to them, the money (i was only 16 dollars but I felt it was the principle of buying a bike that works) returned to the account and another few weeks of work occurred to the bike. By the time it was finished the owner of the store dealt with the issue and made sure to ride it for half an hour to make sure it was fixed (which was all I asked every time I took it in but as it worked fine on the stand it looks like it was never done). By the time the work was completed, they had replaced the left (front) shifter, the front derailleur, the crank and the bottom bracket. Couple this with the chain and cassette already replaced quite a lot has been replace.

After the 6 miles with me putting good pressure on a few uphill sections the ghost shifting is finally gone. Props go out to the owner who once apprised of the situation took full ownership of the issue and got me a resolution (not his fault the mechanics never told him).

ok time for bed, peace out peeps.


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