Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunrise Century and weekend

Well to start off the holiday weekend Jen and I rode the 34 mile route on the sunrise century. It meant a nice 6am rise and approx 3.5 hrs of riding. It might have been a bit faster if we had actually ridden more this year but since it is 3 times longer than anything done this year I am happy with it. Had a couple of cramps during the ride but was able to push past them.

Stats for the ride:-
  • Total Distance:- 34.01 miles
  • Time Taken :- 2hrs 55 mins 24 secs
  • Ave Speed :- 11.68 mph
  • Ave Cadence :- 51 rpm
  • Max Speed :- 24.21 mph

Once we finished this we dived home, cleaned up and headed out for the weekend to Cincinnati. Meeting up with Gabe and Em we preceded to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with a few beers and cultural things while enjoying the different foods Cincinnati had to offer. It was a welcome break for me and I really needed it. Long may more turn up *LOL*


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