Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weight update.

Well I finally fell back on the primal band wagon and this is day 3. So far its not been too bad and I had a yummy filling breakfast. The thing that steeled me to get back on it was the fact that I had got myself down to 232 and was looking at 230 and below. I have had the last few weekends where we were away and when I weighed myself Monday I was 243ish. Talk about annoyed.

Well its Thursday and I have cut out diet sodas, I have been keeping on the primal diet and I weighed myself this morning. Back to 234...WOOT. I think I finally got the hit that I needed to get refocused, for now I just want to see how I survive the weekend. *LOL*

So weigh in at 6am :- 234lbs


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