Monday, February 8, 2010

Times they are a changing

So I worked harder at not eating bad last week, especially as I could not work out due to other commitments. I felt that I did better and it reflected it when I weighed in on sunday morning. I am at one of those points where the needle was perfectly in the middle so weigh in for Sunday at 8am was 246.5lbs.

I think the change has been made for me to be finally on track again. My mind is more focused and my body is not rebelling as much. I visited a personal trainer for a free session at my gym and I have a plan of action that meshed with Reggie's will give us a good work out plan for a week (alternating our plans as PT suggested). Along with this I want to make sure I keep going to Mandy (my primary PT) and actually show improvement instead of the static I have been. It seems to have been the way of things that when I'm with the PT nothing happens, and then when they have issues and we cant meet my brain gets focused *sigh*. I have an appt tonight which is stopping me from going to gym but for the rest of the week my goal is to get to the gym every night after work. Even if its only for 30 minutes it is still an improvement on what I have been doing.

In other news Jen and I have been discussing a vacation in May. Our idea (well Jens idea since she rode on a section) is to ride our mountain bikes on the Katy Train in Missouri. Take a week and attempt to ride the full trail and then back to Neil and Loris. I have to admit I am excited about the prospect. A week of riding and camping out sounds fantastic and I cannot wait. I have looked at some sites and it looks to be a fun trail. Plans are afoot to get our bikes tweaked / checked and modded (add panniers) to be ready for May. I also love the fact that we are being organised about having a vacation instead of ending up not doing anything and just hanging out around Clarksville.

Well that's it for now. Post more soon.


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