Friday, February 5, 2010

Busy Week

Its been hectic this week, in work and out. I have been dealing with rearranging the house and so far its in a not bad shape. I would say oh about 60 percent complete and I'm hoping to work on it more this weekend if I can. In amongst it all two things have happened. One I have eaten pretty healthy all week (yay me) and I have cheated and weighed myself a couple of times to see what was happening, If i can avoid badness this weekend I will be hopefully reporting a loss. The down side to the business..... I have not been able to work out all week!!!!

Tasks for next week are to get the house into excellent condition, get back to my normal workout routine and continue eating healthily. I think if I can keep it up I will be able to restart my journey for real (instead of hovering around 250 like I have for the last few months). The differences I have noticed are that I am making smart decisions. Instead of eating at Wendy's last week I went and bought a chicken which fed me for 3 days *LOL*. While meeting Larry and Barb for lunch today I could have been sooo bad as we were at Teds Montana Grill and they do excellent food. My order was Teds bowl of chili and their wedge salad with blue cheese dressing. I had 2 onion rings and 3 or 4 chili fries courtesy of Larry (damn him for knowing my weaknesses) but all in all I kept calories down to about 700-800 cals for the lunch (150 were the 2 onion rings *sigh*) This to me is not bad considering the chili cheese fries alone for an order were 1200 calories, as with the onion rings. Old me could have got them then a burger probably eaten the lot and have consumed over 4-5000 I have said previously I think I have changed for the better forever (eat less 99% of the time) and the old me is gone. I plan to NEVER go back to ~320-330lbs.

Oh Yeah I have a pic on my fridge of me at my fattest I think. My goal is to scan it and a current photo and you can tell me what you think.


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