Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Weekend

Friday 3rd
We got up early on the Friday and loaded up our bikes to head to the Natchez Trace Parkway. We had driven the route and it didn't seem that bad *grin*, We were fooled. This route is quite hilly and by the time we were finished we were a little tired. This was also my first real ride using the Locking Pedals and I didn't have any mishaps. Only one time did I forget I was in them but was somehow able to get my feet out of it. We also did our good deed of the day and helped a fellow cyclist out with our tool that had a phillips head screwdriver so that he could fix his cleats. Lunch was had half way through the ride in Leipers fork and it was pretty good food. After the ride we headed to REI and lucked out on a pair of hiking boots for Jens Motorcycle class and a pair of locking pedal shoes for Jen at half price.
Dinner involved pecan crusted trout and crab muffins. talk about yummy.

Stats For the Ride:
  • Total Distance : 26.62 Miles
  • Time Taken : 2hrs 18 mins 27 Secs
  • Ave Speed : 11.54 mph
  • Ave Cadence : 62 rpm
  • Max Speed : 40.26 mph
Saturday 4th July
Jen and I got up on the Saturday and worked our derrieres of in the yard. I worked on making one side of the back civilized while Jen mowed all grass. By the time we were finished (2hrs or so) we were tired but happy with the on going results. Unfortunatly we still need more to be done, weeding, dealing with hedges, trimming bushes pulling more wood trim from the deck (we are making it minimal as it looks so much better). Maybe 2-3 weeks and it may be good enough to have guests to view the new look..

Dinner for this night was our Anniversary dinner (our anniversary was yesterday.... yaaay) and it consisted of Lamb marinaded for about 6 hours and served with a salad, roast potato and fried pears. Food ended up being slow cooked as we lost power due to storms *LOL*. Desert consisted of white chocolate pudding and a fruit compote made by Jen on angel cake. Talk about yummyness. this meal was amazing.

After dinner we headed down to Nashville with Reggie to watch fireworks. We met with Mike and viewed the display from our work car park. This was a good idea as the night of the 4th was stormy as hell (we even lost sight of down town which I was amazed about as we are on the edge of down town *LOL*). The fireworks went off early and we headed back to mikes for a couple of movies (Mall Cop and Australia).

ok more to follow tomorrow night. Its late and I'm tired.

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  1. Yeah the Natchez is nasty. I stayed away from 5k's on it because you can't judge a hill until you get out of the car...bleh.

    I hate hills. Running, Biking, Hiking. It all sucks.