Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update & Weight

Well its the weekend and its my first weight update in 3 weeks. As you will have seen from my posts I had a few bad weeks, this week was a different matter. I worked on my diet and with the working out it seems to have worked. I am back on track and its where I plan to stay. It will be a simple matter of pushing myself further physically and making sure I don't eat poorly.

Weigh in for this week was taken at noon today and is : 255lbs

This is also time for me to revise my goals as I have reached the last one albeit a week late. New goal is the target goal for Dragon-Con which is Sept 4th 2009.

Target Goal for Dragon Con : 245lbs

It gives me 6 weeks to make it to the goal, hopefully this gives me 5 weeks at 2lbs a week loss and still supplies a week cushion.

In other cycling news we finally found our "team" shirts. Reggie, Jen and myself all wore them today and even if I'm biased we looked good *grin* . What made it even better was that we got them for an excellent price, well below the 70 dollars that cycling shirts normally cost.

Stats for Ride
  • Trip Distance :- 26.49 mph
  • Trip Time :- 2hr 00mins 25sec
  • Ave Speed :- 13.20 mph
  • Ave Cadence :- 73 rpm
  • Max Speed :- 28.75 mph

Talk to everyone soon.



  1. The guys were nice enough to end this ride early for my sake. Somewhere around mile 20 my back started to bother me so we made a B-line for our finish line. It didn't really cut much out of our ride, just some nice easy cruising through one of the housing developments behind the Great Escape, but thanks to the boys for cutting it short today. I think we only lost two or three miles, regardless. :)

  2. hey we were in team regalia. if one of the team is having issues we support em. All for one .... one for all