Saturday, July 11, 2009


Its been a difficult few weeks for me. I think I have been demotivated and I am finding it hard to focus in on my diet and my continuing battle with the weight. I can be thankfully though that I do not seem to have put any weight on over this period but have also not lost any. I realised, however, that going into this that it was not going to be easy and that I was going to have these battles to contend with.

Its almost Sunday, and it will probably be official by the time I actually post. Its the start of a new week, not only that but hopefully the start of the next chapter in this story. Its time to take the weight down more, to pass the 250s, 240s, 230s and all the way down to my goal weight. As well as cycling I also have a regular personal trainer again and this will help in creating a fitter me. I do though have to work on my mind. Part of the issue is that mentally I was not in a good place, especially this week. By talking about it my hope is that its out in the open and I can move past it.

In cycling news I went out for a ride Friday, it was a solo ride as Jen is gone for a motorcycle course this weekend and Reggie is on the disable list due to a motorcycle accident. My goal was to ride the 25 mile route Jen had us do earlier in the week. From the start of it I could tell things were not right. The full ride I was not feeling it. With the first push off my legs felt like lead and this didn't change the whole ride. At mile marker 10 I decided to take a break, I unclipped my right shoe and leaned right. I guess gravity wanted me to go left though. Heeding the advice of others in the same situation I kept my arms in and let my shoulder/arm take the brunt of the fall. My hope id that the fall is now out of the way and I can move past it. I have a few minor cuts from it but no broken bones and no road rash.

No images of the ride, it is the same route as the last ride but stopping at mile marker 10 and returning. Stats for it are:-

  • Trip Distance - 19.45 miles
  • Trip time - 1hr 14mins 58secs
  • Ave Speed - 15.57 mph
  • Ave Cadence - 67
  • Max Speed - 32.39 mph


  1. First thing to do is to celebrate your past accomplishments. I'm sure we did that this weekend! You've lost an amazing amount of weight and you've got to look back and appreciate that.

    The next is to act now and RE-commit to your future goals. Remember that just because you 'change' a goal, does not make the goal a failure. Being flexible makes goals SUCCESSFUL. Plateaus suck, but now is the time to get even more serious and double-down.

    If I can make a recommendation, cut out the diet-coke with no ice. I don't believe a "diet" coke is a possibility and is another billion dollar marketing attempt to keep us addicted. Drink so much water (or japanese green tea) that there is no more room for manufactured drinks.

  2. I concur with the soda comment. Everything I've researched has said that sodas, no matter if they are diet, full sugar, whatever,...are bad for the body. They are harsh on the stomach, dehydrate instead of hydrate, and one article I recently read claimed that sodas *might* contribute to heart disease. I don't think the occasional cola is too bad,...but too often I see you drinking diet coke/pepsi after exercises. You need to rewire your thought to realize that a coke will not rehydrate you and water is the best option.

  3. Yep. Soda's crap. Japanese green tea however sounds like a cup of heaven.

    Keep at it, you've come so far!