Monday, August 31, 2009

Part one of Multiple posts

Ok this is just a quick weight update. I have other posts but they include pics which have not been off loaded from the memory card. I have really been slacking of late and hope that that will change for next month (although I did just start classes for my masters *LOL*)

Weigh in last Saturday - 22nd Aug - 244.5 lbs

I had some eating issues *LOL* and I gained a bit back the next two days but on weigh in this Sunday:

Weigh in Sunday 30th at 8am :- 244 lbs

I have officially reached my dragon con goal and passed it 2 weeks early. My immediate goal for next weekend is to try stay as close to maintaining the weight (Its dragon Con home of multiple bad things) and not gain.

New long term goals will be discussed after dragon con.

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