Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weight and thoughts

As we were out and about this weekend it took till this morning to weigh in. Sadly it was as I thought it would be, a week of weight gain. Weigh in for this week is 255lbs a gain of 6 lbs.

I am not too worried though. I know I can continue my journey and that I need to be a bit more observant over weekends. I know it is weekends that are the problem as I manage my input strictly over the week. It has been difficult over the last few weekends as we have a lot going on and, as is normal, we get together with friends and have yummy rich (calorie high) foods. This is probably what will happen this coming weekend, we have booked a campsite just outside Chattanooga (we thought you had to get there but it was actually bookable *LOL*) for this weekend. While not being nit picky I will try write down (just the food not cals) what I eat so I can put it into spark people after the fact so I can see what I am eating.

We are also taking our bikes with us so hopefully we will get some riding in this weekend also. I think this is the last weekend of events before dragon con so I have 2-3 weeks of really monitoring what I eat and do to try reach my goal. This is not helped by the fact that I cannot have P.T for the next 3 weeks but am going to try do it myself till I can get back. I will work on the yard to get it back to livable and work out / cycle as much as I can and hopefully it will all help my weight.


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