Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Theres a Storm a comin!

I kept a close eye on the weather during work time as I really wanted to get out for a bike ride tonight. It initially showed that it was a 30% chance of storms between 6-8pm but that eventually moved to later in the night. As there was less chance of storms I decided to do a 20 mile bike ride and chance it. I was the only one to go and was missing a few items (still in Jens Jeep *LOL*) so had left my route and instructions if Jen didn't hear from me by 8pm. Overall the ride was fun and pretty much uneventful. That is up until about 1 mile to my home. At that point I looked up and I nearly freaked out *LOL*. There was the hugest, nastiest storm front almost on top of me. I pushed as hard as I could and as I started up the last hill I started getting buffeted by 30-40 mile an hour winds. It got so bad I had to get off the bike, cross the road and duck waddle (thanks to road shoes) over the overpass and then coast down to the house. I made it to the house with about 30 seconds to spare and it literally opened up the skies and dropped an ocean onto Clarksville. I Think I pushed myself to have my fastest average speed for all rides and it was double the sustained distance of my previous best so woooooo.

Stats for the Ride:
  • Trip Distance : 18.02 miles
  • Trip Time 1hr 05 mins 07 secs
  • Average Speed : 16.61 mph
  • Average Cadence : 81 rpm
  • Max Speed : 31.48 mph

Now that the power is back at home I wanted to post and am going to head to bed *LOL*


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