Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thoughts and updates

Ok I have had a bad month or more where I have not been focused at all on my weight and continuing my journey. I dunno why just haven't wanted to for some reason. I realised last night I have to give a damn. I WANT to get down more.

Weighed in this morning - 247lbs

Thankfully not to much damage but I need to focus. As part of my re focusing I have put all my foods in for the day (except dinner) at sparkpeople. This way I know what I am eating. Its also not easy just now in work. So far I have passed about 6 piles of help yourself candy and a tray of help yourself cupcakes. I have walked away from all. I hope to report next Monday a drop and that I am not just deluding myself again.

Peace out



  1. Steve - I hear you and am there with you. Its amazing how much damage stress and the availability of Halloween candy can do to your best intentions.

    You have inspired me to weigh in tomorrow and confront my demon. I was great last Friday but got into a bit of mischief --- oh, I don't want to face the scale!

  2. It's natural to get off the track every once in a while. In fact, some would argue that the body and mind needs a break occasionally. The important part is that you find your way back to the path once you've strayed off of it for a bit. You know what it takes to make positive changes to your body so it's just a matter of doing so.