Sunday, November 8, 2009

Biking weekend

Ok this is a little late but we did our first rides on the motorcycle this weekend (Ok it was really last weekend but if this works right it will be dated the 8th *LOL*). Saturday we headed out and rode via Flealand in bowling green (really good indoor and outdoor flea market that I had been recommended for bike leathers and to which I ended up buying chaps, gloves and do-rags to complete my gear for the bike (pic to come soon hopefully), Once we left there we headed to mammoth cave and tried to meet up with Jens sister and her boyfriend (we failed to meet them unfortunatly) and stopped at the visitors center, had lunch and rode home. It took us 4 hours to get there 90 minutes to return *LOL*. AS Jen said I finally found my throttle *LOL*, for me I finally started to gain confidence.

Route as shown below (thanks google maps)

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Mike stayed the night and we relaxed had some pizza and watched some movies. Since he was there Sunday we decided to ride some more *LOL*. Not as much Sunday as we all had stuff to get done. LBL and back.

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