Sunday, November 15, 2009

More cycling goodness

Well we did more Motorcycling on Saturday. Instead of 300 miles in a weekend we did it all in one day. It was fun fun fun. We also met up with Jens sister for part of it. As a side note Lola has an injury (cracked headlight) but thankfully it looks to have been a minor flaw and is being covered under warranty and she will soon be good as new.

The route we took ended up being complicated to route so I am doing the out route followed by a map for our return home.

Here is out (NOTE: you have to view larger map as google refuses to show it in the little screen)

View Larger Map
and here is the return

View Larger Map

These are best estimations for the trip unfortunatly I am am not 100% sure but it is the general area *LOL*

Sunday we decided to do another form of 2 wheeled fun and took the mountain bikes to Rotary park. For the first time we did not take the repair kit and yup you guessed it, after 1 hour of riding it was called off due to a flat tire. We still had fun just it was cut short (man I have been of the cycles too long It felt HARD plus i am STILL having issues with the gears on my bike). As soon as I an I am going to have to take the bike in for gear work. I just wish they could fix this I am getting tired of it jumping every time I try to pedal.

EDIT: Mike joined us in Madison at Castle for most of the trip and thanks to his GPS he has sent me the route we took so I am editing the maps and you should now see an accurate representation of where we went. Thanks Mikey!!!!!

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