Wednesday, September 30, 2009

disposable technology = sandisk and toshiba suck

I don't normally post about technology on my blog but I felt I had to this one time. You see I'm a geek / nerd / whatever you want to call me. I work with computers, i fix computers and I play with computers. I have no fear of technology. I have to say however that the way companies seem to be putting quality control of their products on the customer sucks, actually it right royally sucks. The two examples I have are as follows.

The Sansa Sandisk E250 - I bought this in Feb 2008. I didn't really use it till I started cycling as the idea I had for it didn't pan out well. When I used it I realised that there was a static/ sound drop out at the headphone socket. After investigating online I find out that I am not alone and that this is a common issue with them, in fact it seems that Sandisk knows well about it and if you are in warranty they will fix but if you didn't realise in time then you are S.O.L. I opened this device up and resoldered the connector and I have (I think) removed the drop out issue for now, but static seems to remain (not major - the drop out of one ear was ANNOYING). I should not have had to do this, when enough units had this issue Sandisk should, like car manufacturers issue a recall and fix or replace the units. They did not.

Sandisk - you are on notice. I will no longer be buying your products, and as you can tell from this blog you will no longer be on my recommended suppliers list. This probably will not mean a lot to you, but I recommend technology to a LOT of people, you will be a manufacturer to avoid. Hell I even recommend the technology for my company. The same goes there.

My next gripe - The Toshiba M35X-S111, an older laptop we have had it for about 3 years now. The problem is once again Shoddy soldering on the motherboard (it has been relegated to an emergency, dire need backup). One of the pins of the power connector has a dry joint and as it was soldered with high temp soldering I have been unable to get a good solder joint. I am about to try again. We bought an extended warranty on this thing - extended to 2 years. Yup, you got it, 2 years one month later the fault appears and because of it the battery is now also shot. We ended up buying an HP to replace it. With the new HP we have had better luck. I used to recommend Toshiba's, you got it, no more. We even had the chance to get a Toshiba for a better deal, um no thanks.

Toshiba - you are on notice. I will no longer be buying your products, and as you can tell from this blog you also will no longer be on my recommended suppliers list.

I feel better for that. You don't need to tell me that this was a waste and they will never see this blog. Well it made me feel better, I have vented about it and it helps me. If the companies want to refute my claims they are more than welcome.

Have a nice day everyone I'm going to solder a Toshiba laptop AGAIN

EDIT: I called Toshiba as I came across a recall for batteries which included ours. Our battery did not have the serial number they wanted on it, because the serial number sticker was missing. After talking with the first line customer support my details were forwarded to the battery replacement team so they could investigate. 3 hours later I get a call asking for my address to send the battery, I mentioned the lack of sticker, he said they had a contingency for these situations and it was to send the battery. I still hate the fact the power adapter has a solder weakness but they are replacing a 5 year old battery free without me having to go through bells and whistles. I am impressed by their support team so have officially removed my notice above.

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