Monday, February 27, 2012

Still Alive Honest

Ok I have not been avoiding the blog. Instead I am working on the next 30 day primal block where we ate a little more carbage (yeah I know its not a real word LOL) than the first one and am about to come to an end.
Overall I am not as happy with the higher carb count than the first block so we are heading back into the stricter zone for the 3rd 30 day block (it starts March 1st). Really over the last 60 days it has not been a true Primal lifestyle as I have not been exercising as I should (Jen has though). I am hoping that this is going to change as I am meeting tonight to arrange to join Jens gym. My hope is that we can work out together and I can use her as my personal trainer of sorts (and get my ass kicked into shape). Combine this with the 3rd food eating block I hope to see changes I am happy with.

The biggest thing I have got from this all so far? The way I feel for not having soda for 57 days. I feel better and the longer I don't have it the less attraction it has for me (especially as I read more and more about the crap it does to your body).

What else I have got from this? A better understanding of the crap and i mean CRAP that the American food industry is trying to pawn off as acceptable in food. When you start looking at the ingredients in food (we are trying to keep away from corn, soy, wheat etc) you realise the junk they add. High fructose corn syrup in just about everything... REALLY? Soy Lechtin in others... REALLY? The biggest one for me so far is to find out that the when the food industry tries to reduce sugar by adding sugar alcohols  (guess what its neither sugar or alcohol) they are really adding crap to it. Mannitol one of the sugar alcohols, well that lingers in the intestines for a long time and often causes bloating and diarrhea, great thanks food industry. The winner though is Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates (HSH) which are produced by the partial hydrolysis of corn (gotta love the corn industry - HFCS first now its used as a sugar substitute). Sorry guys I don't want to eat anything that powers a vehicle.

Ok enough for now. I will post at day 30

Steve out.

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