Tuesday, February 28, 2012

next step

I am hoping I have taken the next step on my journey from fat to fit. I signed up at Jens Gym and had my stats taken. Overall stats were body fat percentage and then neck, arms, chest and legs were measured. I'm not sure my stats for the body but I have a Body fat percentage of 35%. That means I have 91lbs of Fat on me... ERKKK.

I would like to get into a routine of going regularly (I would like every day) but just now that's not happening as I have a home pre project to get done for this weekend (read : ripping up plywood and Lino from the kitchen floor to prepare it for laying down laminate flooring this weekend) which I will be working on tonight and I have an appt at 6pm tomorrow. Goal for this week is to get to Gym Thursday after work.

Another part of the gym membership is that I will get remeasured May 27th (every 90 days). I hope by then to be able to report better stats all round *LOL*. Benefits I have seen from just one session last night? Normally I come home and feel tired and just want to eat and relax. Last night after the Gym I was awake and raring to go. It was the coolest thing. It may have been a freak but Jen indicated that this was normal. SWEET.

Ok Enough for now. Weigh in is tomorrow morning so talk to you after that.


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