Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still here honest LOL

Well its now day 24 and I am still living the primal lifestyle. True to what I said I have still not weighed myself and will not until the 1st Feb. My focus for now is making sure I am eating and living right which I think and hope I am doing. The part of this that amazes me is not the eating part (I can do that without really thinking...ok give up bread and stuff and eat steaks n veggies... SIGN ME UP LOL) but the fact that I am 24 days carbonated drinks sober *grin*. I was probably the worlds worst soda drinker. While I drank diet it was still too much and not good for me. For now the only caffinated drinks I partake in is coffee. Apart from that its water all the way.

The one task I need to work on is exercise. I have been busy moving stuff at home but I should still have exercised more. At this time I am getting walks in at work but they are sporadic at best. Goal for the next week is to get more reliable on them.

Well let me sign off for now and I will let you know the status Feb 1st.


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