Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's a creep!!!!

Well it's been a long time and I kept trying to post as I had been but I guess life interrupts.

As the last year has progressed a lot has changed, I have a new job working from home (no 2 hrs lost each day driving), I am teaching as an adjunct and for the last year to 18 months my weight has crept back up and is currently at 300lbs.

Let me be first to say that IT SUCKS!!!! the first steps I am taking is realizing I am freaking fat again and where I said I would not end up again. I know why it happened and I was, unfortunately, a willing participant. It was as simple as straying from primal and not keeping a check on my caloric input, at the same time not exercising  and cycling. I can blame it on my work sending me to multiple locations and having to eat out but I COULD have picked better.

Well here yah go. I have said it, I am working on day 2 of my primal detox and I'm ready to get down to where I was (219). 81 pounds, 2 LARGE dog food bags less. Hopefully as time progresses I can update on my journey again.

Laters S.

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