Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mountain Biking

After Competing in the Dirt, Guts and Donuts race last month Jen and I where somewhat bitten by the mountain biking bug. I'm not saying that we are giving up road biking, rather that we are adding mountain biking to our repertoire. We had been looking for newer mountain bikes that were not walmart specials (read Heavy assed POS's) and after much looking, much test riding, we settled on Cannondales from the Bicycle Center in Clarksville TN.

Until I can get all the photos I want to post of our new acquisitions I am giving you a teaser in the form of the jigsaw print, this is the front of the top tube from Jens bike and as you will note they may be a little artsy (I decided to do something more than just straight forward photos of them, but that will come also.

As you might note from the print Jen got the Cannondale F5 and just so you know I got the little brother the Cannondale F7. When we finally picked my bike up Saturday we headed down to rotary park and ended up having about an hours fun on the new bikes. Its amazing what a decent mountain bike will do to you. For the full hour on this bike I had the cheesiest grin on my face and NOTHING could remove it, not even when I wiped out on a soft dried up stream bed (just dirt no damage, pedal sunk in about half of an inch). I got up dusted myself a bit laughed when Jen asked if I was ok and got back on the bike to catch up. This is a definite change from the race where I wanted to throw the POS target bike in the lake (might have been why I was going slow when I found Lisa in the water *LOL*).

All I can say is roll on the weekend, I have printed out the bike trails for Montgomery Bell park and if we can I hope to get out on the trails for a good amount of time. We are also hoping to try arrange a time to meet up with Scott et al. from work along with Lisa and get us all involved in some decent trail riding. Lisa if you see this I will make sure Scott pick trails away from water !!!

ERK just noticed its midnight. Time to hit the sack.

Night all


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