Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Riding

Well hopefully my bike funk is gone and I am getting my ass back in shape. I weighed in this weekend and while it fluctuated I will say the official weigh in is 268 lbs hopefully I will have a loss to report next week (on my trip back down to 232 and beyond).

There were 2 rides this weekend.

On Saturday we waited till later in the day and rode the 20 mile kirkwood route. Wow its been a while, lets say it was harder than it has been for a long time. Just need to keep it up and the legs will return.

Sundays ride was a little less to allow our legs a chance to recover. Really need to get the legs working as Mike who now rides with us is constantly dropping us (damned weight weenie LOL).

linky to gmaps

ok done for now. Laters S.

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